Akila beckons devotees at Thiruvanaikaval

Thiruvanaikaval temple is located in the city of Thiruchirappalli (known as Tiruchi) in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The temple  is situated on the banks  of the river Cauvery and Kollidam. The temple is one of the Panchabhoota Sthalams (water).The temple has its main deity as Lord Shiva as Jambukeswara and Devi Parvati as Akilandeswari .  was built by Kochenga cholan.

One of the unique features of  the  temple is, every day   between 12 to 1( midday) the priest himself dresses up like a woman and takes a kalasam full of water and goes  to Shiva and does  the abishekam for Him.  ,it is believed that l Parvati Herself comes and do this   to  Shiva ,.Once  Devi Parvati mocked at Lord Siva for his deeds,Lord Shiva who got angry cursed Parvati to be born in the earth . As per the curse of Shiva, Parvathi was born in the earth and She found a place to do penance so that She can reach the Lord.

Devi Pravati made a Shiva lingam out of WATER under a Roseberry tree (venn naval tree) and did her penance there.  Every day in regular basis Devi Parvati took a kalasam full of water and started doing abishekam to Lord Shiva ,as the time went Lord Shiva was convinced by Her devotion   and gave Her SIVA GANA and Devi Parvati took the upadesa .so this place is called as the

Another    feature in this temple is there is no Thirukalayamam taking  place here, as it is a Upadesa Sthalam so Lord Shiva is     guru(teacher) and Devi Parvati is   of a sishya(student)   ,

There is a  very big PRAGARAM  the 1st pragaram in this temple is very big .It goes up to 4 km in length aroundd 180cm in height, it is one of the world’s biggest pragaram .There is an another note saying that this particular 1st pragaram was built by Lord Shiva himself. When the temple construction was going on , Lord Shiva will come in the form of a worker and do all the works and when the day’s work is over  Lord Siva who is in the form of a worker will give the ashes (vebuti) and when all go  home and see  the vebuti it be converted into a gold coin and it is said  He Shiva) will give more gold coins to workers who are working hard and less to the person who is working less.

C.Saraswathi,R.Saipriya,R.Vijayalakshmi,S.Vishnupriya,A.Saranya,M.Abinaya,S.Sowmya and M.Yogeshwari)


Feb 01, 2017
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