Vikram Dhanesekhar a theatre person

Life is the beautiful form of gift which every Individual gets from god, and it thus depends upon individual that in what ways they take up their lives leading towards the success. Here We have Mr.  Vikram Dhanesekhar, a young and passionate actor and director, he is the owner of  ENSOMNEACKS a theatre company and he brings out the young talents in the better ways to the society.

  1. Kindly introduce yourself sir?

I am VIKRAM DHANESEKHAR  from Chennai,  I am an MBA graduate basically from Anna university and have got a certificate called as Celta , who is eligible to teach English anyone in the world.  started with a career but later on left it to train people. acting is always been a passion for me and opened my own theatre named as Ensomneacks  along with that train a company and do training for all level of people. This organisation  Ensomneacks was started a year back in 2015,and we havae done 13shows and 5 productions of late and  have taken one of the productions to banglore and also have shows coming up in Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia

  1. Being in a good position in your life today, the owner of Ensomneacks, a theatre company.

gow do you feel sir?

I feel very happy but I would not call this up as a very good position and all since I m pretty  young and I m looking at making it really big and I m a person who dreams big. yes, I m very grateful for what ever  I right now and I say thank you every day. But that’s not enough what I feel at least for the professional aspect of it, I m happy in the personal way of my life but in  the professional aspect I have to go many places and have to do so many things.

  1. Tell us more about your  theatre:

I own this theatre known as Ensomneacks, and earlier it was started  in the year  2015, and started with a production which was a comedy by a French author  and after seeing the  response of our first show  we wanted to do it for full time.  We had two house full shows to start with and got immensely got a great response and then took this up full time.  After that did a comedy named as funny money, and had a good run with that also and did so many other different plays. We also  give the theatre training students of MOP Vaishnav college into this. And we also do supper theatre  which   is we go to five star hotel and they give us space in between  and guests are invited and they have dinner watching our play. We are also into overseas production and looking to expand into bigger organisations and looking even into India.

  1. Why are you so much involved on Acting?

Its always been a passion basically and since I was a kid I always had a fantasy for being  a celebrity and liked that line light.  I started acting at the age of 14 and have done so many theatre plays, stage shows, street plays. And this passion always grew in me and never died  and when I m on stage I feel so happy and complete as a actor and whenever I go sleep,  sleep happily knowing that I do something that I really love doing.

  1. When did you get a thought to build a theatre for a drama?

Basically when I started acting and the few plays I was used as prop and I was a chair in my first play and in the second production I was a table and in third one I was a security guard and until six productions I was doing that and I don’t blame anyone for that but that was a start and I wanted to change the scenario and when I started I did face a lot of problems but I wanted to bring out the youngsters on the stage and we look for young talents.


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Mar 01, 2017
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