Vibrant Valentine's day

This is the best  time to write about Valentine’s Day, because everyone is going to celebrate their love

towards their loved ones on February 14, because February 14 is celebrated as valentine’s day  in many

 countries.   The reason behind celebrating Valentine’s Day is that, during late century’s there were number of saint who were called as Valentines are honoured on February 14. The day later associated to express their love during middle ages in England. On Valentine’s Day men buy more gifts like greetings, chocolates, to their loved ones to express their eternity love.  

 U.S. A

Since valentine day celebration was   began in the year 1700. In America they celebrate

Valentine Day to express their love. In elementary school even students share their gifts and cards to

their loved one. The people in U.S enjoy the day with party and gifts.


In Japan, the Morozoff confectionary and cake company brought that special day to Japan by

influencing Valentine Day in the year 1936 through ads. And finally the holiday for Valentine’s Day took

 place in Japan from 1970. But in Japan, the celebration was reversed from India, because in India men

 spend their expenses to impress women but in Japan women used to buy gifts to men to show their love


France is one of the romantic destinations in the world. Paradoxically, the France people celebrate   

the events called loterie d’amour, which means ‘drawing of love’ in which unmarried men and women

gathered in a house face each other and they pick their partner whom they like. But unfortunately when

men doesn’t happy with the woman he choose , then he has full rights to leave her and find another one.

This events made women’s to indulge in violence. So, the government puts an end to it and prohibited that






Taiwan is well known for flowers. The people of Taiwan celebrate Valentine’s Day twice a year.

On February 14 and July 17th. Here Taiwanese expresses the love to their beloved one by

giving bouquets. The number and the colour of the flower have some significant message. Mostly they

choose red roses because red roses represents ‘only love; and number 99 represents the message ‘love

 forever’ and 108 roses raises questions “will you marry me?”


 In Germany, the people celebrate Valentine’s Day giving pigs to their loved ones apart from

greeting card, chocolates and flowers. Because, the German people had a belief in that pig signifies luck

and love so   exchanged gifts of  pigs in the form of picture, miniature, and also in the form of chocolate.

                        Abinaya. E

Fathima Raiza. S

Dhanalakshmi. R

Sowmiya. R. S

Kamali. R

Jasper grace. V

Nithya. E



Feb 10, 2018
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