Dollops of ice cream.

Say NO to ice cream? Check this out, you might just change your mind.

Be it a good day or a bad day, it is never an inappropriate time or place to have ice cream.  Everyone loves to have a taste of their frozen dessert. You   could have been promoted, or you could have even had a rough day or a bad break-up. Eating icecreams could also be your guilty pleasure. No matter the reason, ice cream always goes with everything.

India, being a tropical country, the demand for ice cream always remains at its peak. Ice cream parlours have now stepped up their game and standard by not only providing scoops and cones of flavoured ice creams anymore but granting an interesting dash of varied toppings, fruits, flavours, chocolates and much more with the plain old ice cream. It’s a whopper package deal making it highly attractive to its customers. Concept-based ice cream parlours are gaining more attention, increasing in demand and popularity amongst the ice cream lovers. And it’s safe to say that they’re in vogue, setting a benchmark for concept based dessert stores.

ROLL OVER is one such ice cream parlour which hit the road and swooped its customers off their feet with a good start. Interestingly, the concept of ice cream rolls was inspired from the busy food streets of Thailand. Roll over prepares ice cream rolls for every customer exclusively. They’re here to break the customary practice of offering only limited flavours to its earnest customers.

 It’s not just about ensuring a treat to the taste buds. They aim for much more than that. They give a sure delight even to the sight with the live preparation of ice cream rolls. The customers can now watch the creamy milk base being poured on to an ice pan, mixed with the desired flavour, topped with fruits chocolates and much more and the unique blend mashed together and flattened on the cold pan to be scrapped out as yummy ice cream rolls. The ambrosian rolls are then plated beautifully with toppings and nuts to add on to the taste. They offer premium flavours, gourmet plates, thick shakes, fries, exotic sundaes, jar desserts and their signature dessert inspired from celebrity chefs. Those scrumptious CHOCOLATE spheres are a teaser for the enticing taste buds. Not forgetting to mention their tagline ‘Icecreams. Handcrafted’, each customised sundae is gingerly chiselled and placed upon caramelized wafer cups. The ambience which embraces the customers ranging from its custom designed furniture, wall vinyls, crazy quotes on icecreams, pasting reviews on the review wall ,to the alluring dessert names is a definite bang-on. Roll Over is an ultimate haven for any ice cream lover.






Jan 26, 2018
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