Chellamal Mannpanai Samayal

"People are still longing for a homely food even though they cook at their homes" says MRS.SELVI,the owner of CHELLAMAL MANPANAI SAMAYAL restaurant situated at Tennur in Tiruchirapally district , Tamilnadu .Its is a very authenticSouth Indian vegetarian cuise which has gained the interest of so many people in and around the city of trichy. There are so many workers in that restaurant who are very neatly dressed. All of them are homely ladies who belongs to the villages of the trichy district. each group of ladies are alloted to different works such as grindind , mixing , cooking , etc ...An important feature of the restaurant is eveything been done is based on the traditional method and no machines such as mixie grinder blender, gas stove  was used there.So naturally the aunthetic taste was obtained.

MRS.SELVI says that it was started as a small shop with this idea of traditional cooking . But to her surprise it has gathered a lot of customers who are basically food lovers. She adds to her statement that she realized that how people longs for homely food even though they cook at their homes . She believes that it was only the tradition that attracts people to her restaurant such as the set up , the good treatment by the servers , and especially the authentic taste . Infact she maintains a fabulous kitchen where a group of ladies cooks food on the traditional wood stove ( viraguadupu ) in the mud vessels ( man pandangal ) with the same ladder made out of coconut shell (aapai).they also uses the same mud pots glasses tumblers and bowls for serving also whreas rice is only served in the banana leaf only. They uses only the country vegetables to make many dishes and only herbal water is served which is very good for our health. The raw materials they use such as groceries and other things are also their own product.  The oil is from their own oil mill marachekku veggies from their own gardens and masala powders being prepared by their own staffs using traditional methods. Aatukal,Ammikal,uraletc ... so everything about the cooking was very traditional , apart from that there are also some interesting facts about this restaurant . That is nearly 120 types of dishes are been made daily here and in that 36 are only varieties of kootu and poriyal . Every dishes such as sambar ,rasamkarakulambu , etc ... are been made in more than 5 varieties each day and people can eat according to their wish. No chemicals was used in any of the dishes such as china salt, ajinomoto,so it very safe for children also . All these dishes are affordable at low costs only that is for RS.100 only. Even buffet is affordable for RS.150 only. Every dishes been prepared and served here is damn healthy.

Even though the restaurant is located in an interior area, there are people frequentlykeep visiting her restaurant. Even people from various states and foreigners also are very much fond of her restaurant. She even adds to her statement that its been a whole women oriented project. She has given employment to more than 500 women from various aspects of life who were suffering. So it became a great livelihood for them. One of the staff told that they enjoy working there as they feel that they are at their own house. MRS. SELVI finally finished with a positive note that even though there is not much profit in this idea,she still loves it and believes that one day or the other people will realize the value of our own traditional food.  She also added that she yet to start a wide range of branches of her restaurant throughout Tamilnadu and she is ready to employ more women to her restaurants.

As a woman she has managed to run two branches of restaurant at her own with a new innovating all her attempts are sure to be praised and appreciated.









Feb 13, 2017
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