Wonderful human body

We have five projections in our body: the head, two hands and two legs. Many internal organs are doing their work silently and continuously. When we think of each and every organ and learn how they work, we admire god’s creation as the most wonderful thing. We should thank the Creator for creating such a wonderful structure.

Every part in our body – organs, muscles, tissues, skin - has been created for a particular purpose.

Heart - a non stop pumping machine which works from the womb to death to keep us alive, make us feel healthy and responsible for the emotions  and feelings like love, hatred, joy, happiness, sadness, etc.

Brain - The most efficient of all the computers. No computer can equal brain. Thought process goes on here. So does the intellect to choose between right and wrong which distinguishes and elevates man from animals.


(To be contd)

Apr 16, 2010
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Dr Jayalakshmi

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