Police and public

 Police  are said to safe guard human beings  and   solve crimes and thefts  Since, they face many hurdles in their profession they safeguard the society like rampart.

 . Without patience and passion police job is stressful. Without recreation and leisure time    they hardly spend   time  with  family and   kids, feels   and they   feel depressed said Women Head-Constable.

No job is without stress but police job is with stress  without rest, they feel  it’s better to have a psychologist to hear their problems said Male Constable. “Only emergency leave is allowed, that too can be cancelled at any time by their higher officials. Certain situations we were not allowed to take leave even for grief in their family. Poured out his heart with pain, Discipline is an identity for a cop” said the most senior cop in the station.

144, 174, cases suits by women are the tough task they feels. Earlier their  main motto is to safeguard the government and to safeguard an individual man’s safety. But now, at present, they don’t get time to make ready “current papers” a whole day. Police station and court are the place where the both enemy parties should be there. Most of the cases conclude by the advices of the cops in the station without suiting the file. As a result it creates enmity with the opposite teams.

If an accident occurs, nowadays people are afraid to aid them ,because it might be filed as case. But Sambath sub-inspector of police in CID      said that mobs should come forth to aid people who are injured in accident. He said that police would not force anyone to be eye-witness. “In duty time, I helped persons who are injured in accident. At first, I took them by auto and approach to many hospitals, but most of them didn’t come forward to aid them due to the fear of police case. At last, I told them to take first aid. Then, after a few days past, the injured person came and meet me to convey thanks”, he narrated  own experience.  He also said that cops aren’t taking food at regular time; they have no rest and don’t have time to spend much with their family, albeit every cop is proud of their police profession.



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Feb 04, 2016
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