Chennai limps back to normalcy

After the great damage made by the flood in Chennai during December, life started regain to normal life. At the month of December most of the lives were lost, houses were half submerged under water, materials, vehicles, household articles, certificates were destroyed in flood. Because of the self-help groups, NGO’S, government officials, political parties and individuals Chennai started to gain its lost glory.

     Most of the shops were closed as well as vanished in water but some of them gained benefit. Tailor shops, flower shops, rice mills, and sweet stalls were badly hit whereas mechanic shops, tea stalls, provision store, food stall got more profit. One of the tailors had stated that he got heavy loss, even all the dresses were drowned because of the raise of water level in his shop. He failed to acquire reputation among customers, finally he vacated from the place.

     A provision store owner replied that he got more orders during flood, all his food items were sold, and he added that people were ready to buy in large quantities of food items for serving affected places, bulk orders were given by many companies. Products like snacks, biscuits, chocolates, milk were sold in large amount. Rain brought good deed for him.

     On enquiring   in   the mechanic shops, workers stated that they got huge number of vehicles for repair work, after the flood most of the vehicles got damaged in water, spare parts were sold in large quantities, even our government introduced the scheme of free service for two wheelers and four wheelers which benefited for people. Even free bus service helped people for reaching to their native place.                                                            

    Many vegetables and fruit vendors were got hit by flood, it brought misery to them, they did not sell vegetables or fruits due to heavy rain, most of the roadside shops were totally closed because of the advent of water, vendors noted that they felt heavy loss even vegetables and fruits ruined in water .

     After the celebration of pongal festival people rush back to their normal life. Most of the shop owners stated that people started to purchase their materials as they expected. Even though they suffered      January brought good fortune for people .they also added that this year will bring happiness for people






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A ,SUYAMBESHWARI         






Jan 24, 2016
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