Awareness about Hepatitis by Gleneagles Global Health City

On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, Gleneagles Global Health City group have made it their mission to spread awareness about Hepatitis


 : Gleneagles Global Health City, the largest facility of Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai enterprise. On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, the Gleneagles Global Health City group  have created an outline of 44ftl x 48ftb wide liver to spread the awareness about eliminating hepatitis B/C and claiming the slogan #BELIVERPROUD. On this eve more than 100 people gathered together and claimed to be “Liverproud”.


The concept started by presenting facts about the liver. Today patients and caregivers are thorough with research and preventive measures when it comes to the heart or the brain, but not so updated when it comes to the liver. The underlying cause for this, it is safe to say, is that they are unaware of how integral the liver is to the body’s functions. It performs close to 500 functions per second along with the processes that are crucial to keep one alive (detoxification, protein and clotting agent creation, converting drugs into their bio-available forms, etc.). This World Hepatitis Day, Gleneagles Global Hospitals will educate people about the liver’s capabilities, and develop the realization that the liver is as important as the heart and the brain.


About Gleneagles Global Health City:

The sprawling, 21-acre facility in Perumbakkam, Chennai is the largest facility of Gleneagles Global Hospitals India, with a capacity of over 1000-beds and accreditations from leading agencies. The facility is one of the best for advanced healthcare in India. The hospital offers the end-to-end spectrum of advanced healthcare facilities as well as excellent facilities for research and advanced education. The hospital has undertaken several path-breaking liver, heart, lung and kidney procedures.

Accredited and recognized by several international and national level accrediting agencies, it is a healthcare destination of choice for both people in India and worldwide. World-class infrastructure, dedicated staff and a commitment for medical excellence are the USPs of this Global Hospital facility. The hospital has several achievements to its credit and continues to work on several pioneering procedures.

Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise:


Gleneagles Global Hospitals is part of Parkway Pantai, a fully owned subsidiary of IHH Healthcare. In India, Gleneagles Global Hospitals operates a chain of multi-super specialty hospitals offering tertiary and quaternary healthcare services with over 2,000 beds and state-of the-art, world-class hospitals in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. A pioneer in kidney, liver, heart and lung transplants, Gleneagles Global Hospitals provides comprehensive multi-organ transplant services in the country.


Gleneagles Global Hospitals aims to strengthen and expand its leading market position as a destination for multi-organ transplant for patients from India, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. We are committed to further our aspiration of making quality health care more accessible to all.


Website: http://gleneaglesglobalhospitals.com/




Aug 03, 2017
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