Sound Pollution

We  have  written  this article mainly focusing on noise emanated   from the vehicles  especially two wheelers. Noise pollution is the   distressful noise that may cause harm to activity and balance of life either human or animal. It is considered as the environment   hazard by the excess level of noise through many sources.

 Noise pollution is also known as noise disturbance. Youngsters have started showing their passion and love towards bike. New generation people play with large sounded bikes in the name of fun and enjoyment, causing lots of physical and mental disturbances to the neighbours. The noise level of 60db is considered as the normal noise however noise level of 80db or above become physically painful and harmful to the health. Even it’s a middle class family, whether knowingly or unknowingly youth  started arguing with  their parents to get those large sound delivering bikes. Though it’s a normal bike, they used to change the silencer, to produce more sounds. They think, the sound makes them unique and to attract everybody’s attention. But excessive noise is harmful to the health and cause imbalance to the human and animals life.

Normal level of sound is necessary to maintain the daily living  however undesired sound or noise which brings irritation in the behaviour of many and is not tolerated by people especially to diseased people, pregnant ladies and aged people. With one noise explosion from a passing vehicle the noise that ids emanated  harms  a person’s health.

. Unwanted sounds from the racing bike should be banned. . The sound directly affects the people causing hypertension, sleep disturbances and other harmful effects. This may psychologically affect the people. It also disrupts quality  of life. Frequent exposure to noise can lead to hearing loss. Noise pollution in India affecting the human lives in many ways. We all should know the causes, effects and most importantly the preventive measures .


                                                                                               UMA MAHESWARI.D



                                                                                                               SYED SAFIYA SULTANA


                                                                                                              SHINY MANUEL



Feb 17, 2018
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