Service man Senthil

                            “My passion and hobby both are servicing for others “,says the young and able gentleman MR.P.V.SENTHILKUMAR , who is currently working as the DIALYSIS TECHNICIAN at LIONS HAEMODIALYSIS CENTRE in Chennai and he is also the STATE PRESIDENT of TAMILNADU DIALYSIS TECHNICIAN WELFARE ASSOCIATION .Dialysis is the treatment given for the patients whose both the kidneys fails in their is a very costly treatment but it is only a temporary relief and a frequent one.  He is one among the many kind hearted people who cares for those who cant afford to pay for this treatment.


                             Mr.Senthil is from a village background whose family members are in the profession of agriculture. Coming from a rural background he managed to study this paramedical course and he got trained at STANLEY MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL at Chennai under the supervision of DR.R.VIJAYA KUMAR ,who is an renowned NEPHROLOGIST In Chennai.  Senthil was highly inspired by him and from that time onwards he got the very interest in helping others.due to his kindness many of the patients are so happy that they say that they even forget the pain and their fatal disease. Since they all were treated very badly by the staffs at government hospitals,they feel a homely environment there.


 Senthil says that since he was born in a village under the care of loving and kind hearted people it was his habit to help others and even it became a passion eventually.He says that he is always normal at his behavior and attitude but his patients say that he is something greater than God since he was their care taker.But he refuses to accept their comment that he feels that as a human and professional he was only doing his duty.Finally, Senthil  says that he is very much satisfied with his job as he says that he feels a great divinity and  untold happiness within himself.He also add to his note that since he always hears the grievences told by his patients he wishes everyone to be kind to ill people since they were also child like.Only thing that they needed more than medicines is a kind attitude and speech towards them which will make their life somewhat happier than ever.













Mar 16, 2017
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