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Liposuction of the hips

They say that teenage is when you have a broad mind and a narrow waist. As you get older, you have a narrow mind and a broad waist.

Leave alone the philosophy behind this quote, it is true that all the indulgences when you were young begin to show in your hips.

Added to that you spend more and more of your time sitting around, not being as agile as when you were young, and that leads to more accumulation of fat.

Clothes that you were so happy to flaunt now no longer fit. The pant and churidhar size keeps growing.

In some women, the normal broadening of the lower waist is overly accentuated by excess fat in the hips. No amount of twisting and turning, even if you can will yourself to do your daily workouts or visit the gym at least twice a week, can help solve the problem. The fat seems to have found a niche for itself and lodges itself merrily.

But, not to worry. This is an easy area to treat with liposuction. This helps to regain that svelte figure that you were once famous for in your college days.


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Jun 22, 2010
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