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Care of legs after liposuction

Here are instructions on how to take proper care after leg liposuction in post-menopausal women.

Instructions following surgery:

Immediately after surgery

Rest at home for 1-2 days following surgery with legs elevated when sitting or lying. Short walks are permitted and encouraged the day after the surgery.

Apply ice packs to suctioned areas as much as possible for the first 48 hours.

Stay in the company of a responsible adult the first night.

It is quite normal for wounds to ooze excessively in the first 24-48 hours due to the local anaesthetic fluid injected as part of the procedure. Ensure bed clothes are protected with cosmetic sheeting.

Too much activity in the immediate post-operative period will result in excessive swelling and possible bleeding.

No drinking of alcohol, driving or operating machinery while on pain medications or on the first day after surgery.


For pain relief, take medicines as directed by doctor.

Do not make any legal decisions while under the influence of an anaesthetic or medications that may cause drowsiness.

Please contact the clinic if pain cannot be controlled with prescribed medications.


Fluids are encouraged for the first few days.

Light meals are preferable after general anaesthesia.

The first week

Wound care

Bandages are to be removed 72 hours after surgery, prior to the first post-operative appointment. You may shower fully once bandages are off.

Removal of bandages

Visit clinic for removal of dressing as decided earlier.

Compression garment

Your must wear the recommended stockings or support garments for 24 hours a day for the first week, subsequently, 12-18 hours a day for the next 2-3 weeks.

Swelling and bruising

Swelling and bruising are a normal part of the recovery process and will begin to subside one or two weeks after the surgery. It is expected that your clothes will be tight for the first week or two after surgery. Intermittent swelling may persist for several months in the ankles.

Elevating the legs on pillows will reduce this more quickly.

You should see a general decrease in your size and shape approximately 1-2 weeks after surgery. Your size and shape will continue to decrease each week.

Swelling following liposuction recedes rather slowly. It will take some time before the contour finalises, usually between three and six months.

Pain and aches are normal especially the first week; this will decrease as bruising subsides. All the puncture marks will shrink and disappear in six weeks. If dark mark persists, please apply prescribed ointment.


Return to sedentary type of work is permitted after one week.

Short walks can be commenced after one week and increased as tolerated weekly.

Driving and flying are permitted after one week.

Tennis, jogging, aerobic and other vigorous sports may be resumed approximately six weeks after surgery.

Easy swimming is permitted three weeks after surgery. Protect your skin from sunburn by using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) 15 or higher.


It is important after surgery to massage the areas that have been liposuctioned although it is difficult when bruising is present. Try to massage lightly after 1-2 weeks.


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Jul 12, 2010
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