Aurobindo establishes Ashram

Aurobindo was against British rule in India and he was the first political leader in India who openly fought for freedom through his newspaper ‘Bande Mataram’. He was imprisoned a couple of times for conspiring against the British but was released later.

Having started practicing Yoga in 1905 when he was in Baroda, he experienced spiritual realisation and went to Pondicherry to pursue it.

He withdrew form politics in 1910 and committed himself to spiritual life and work and remained likewise till his death in 1950.

He collaborated with Mother called Annai and founded the spiritual sanctuary, bastion of bliss, the world renowned Aurobindo Ashram in 1926 at Pondicherry.

He has been immortalised in his works like ‘Savithri’, ‘Life Divine’, Synthesis of Yoga’, etc.

The Ashram is a community by itself with many members and thousands of devotees who flock to the Ashram to meditate. The ashram is administered by Aurobindo Trust.

The samadhi of Aurobindo and Mother are at the Ashram and devotees swarm and sit there in silence to meditate.

It looks typically like a horticultural society with many flowers in bloom twinkling at the passerby. No one is allowed to touch them.

Mother has attached special significance to flowers which, according to her, have curative properties.

She considered flowers a treasure which, when offered to Aurobindo and Mother, are beneficial to mankind. Mother was agile till her death in 1973 and is believed to have played tennis till her last breath.


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Sep 03, 2010
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