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Puducherry, a pulsating town adorning the shores of Bay of Bengal in southern India, has carved a distinct identity for itself in the spiritual map of the world because of the presence of the renowned Aurobindo Ashram which was founded by the great philosopher and progressive thinker of the 19th century - Aurobindo Ghosh.

He belonged to a family entrenched in English lifestyle as his father Krishna Dhan Ghosh embraced everything English. They hailed from an affluent family of Kolkata and Krishna Ghosh pursued his career in medicine in Kings College Aberdeen in England. Krishna hated Indian culture and wanted his children to be educated in England and sent them there.

The chief architect of Aurobindo Ashram – Aurobindo - born in aristocratic family in 1872 on August 15, was also sent to the United Kingdom along with his brothers. Aurobindo was just seven when he set sail for England. His prodigious talents surfaced when he mastered Greek and Latin at a very young age. He spent his formative years in an alien land imbibing its culture as his father desired.

Aurobindo returned to his homeland when he was 21. The moment he set foot on Indian soil, he experienced sublime bliss which was absent in a foreign land. He felt the presence of some all-pervasive divine power in India. He embarked on a spiritual journey which is peppered with interesting episodes and events.

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Mar 31, 2010
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