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Mirra Alfassa, affectionately called Mother and Annai, has created a renaissance in the spiritual world through her Sadhana and Sadhaka. Though French by birth, she became an Indian by preference, imbibing the cultural ethos of India to which she was attracted like a magnet.

Mirra was born in 1878 on February 21 to an Egyptian mother and Turkish father of the Jewish clan. She was a different child as many teachers and guides used to appear in her dreams and trained her in spiritual exercises. She strongly felt that the soul has divinity in it but is unable to manifest it in the human body. She had a strong conviction that the human body has the potential to manifest divinity and that something should be done o achieve this. Thus she collaborated with her spiritual eye-opener Aurobindo at Pudhucherry and they both did wonders to mankind which is history. Aurobindo Ashram was born which extends abundant solace to battered minds.

While young, Mirra had strange experiences at night. She would come out of her body and go over the city and her robe would widen, encompassing mankind under it. Men and women would seek her help and reach out to her robe. Their problems were solved and she was their healer. Mirra enjoyed this experience thoroughly.

She always had a reverie where she slipped into a trance and forgot the rest of the world.

Her mother used to reprimand her for this act. Mirra was initiated into fine arts and travelled to Rome and Venice with her mother. She always felt that she did not belong to the world and practised Occultism at a very young age. Mirra married Richard and was blessed with a son. Let us catch up with her life’s mission in the following articles.

(To be contd)

Apr 03, 2010
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