Aurobindo joins India’s freedom movement

Aurobindo Ghosh, an ‘avatara purusha’ settled in Puducherry – then called Pondicherry - to redeem mankind from malady through spirituality and yogic powers. After his education in England, he was offered an officer’s post in the erstwhile kingdom of Baroda, but Aurobindo was disinterested in the job. He wanted to learn more about India, its heritage which is world famous, and rich cultural ethos. He bought plenty of books on India and started reading them with passion. His insatiable thirst to read more about India made him burn the midnight oil.

Aurobindo read with sadness about the plight of Indians and the treatment meted out by the British, and he felt that even Indian culture was made a slave to the imperialistic British. He strongly felt that it was imperative to redeem Indian culture from the British and the first step towards it was by chasing away the rulers - British - from India. India and its priceless heritage have lost their glory and the only option was to fight for freedom.

Aurobindo joined the freedom struggle. A firebrand orator, Aurobindo impressed the public with his speeches and thoughts. He created an awareness amongst Indians and was a revolutionary of sorts, earning the wrath of the British. The rulers took cognisance of him and punished him severely for his involvement in the freedom movement.

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Apr 15, 2010
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