Transition from Mirra Alfassa to Annai

Mirra Alfassa was affectionately called Annai in India. She had the good fortune of meeting Aurobindo Gosh in Puducherry in 1914 and stayed there for almost 11 months.

She retuned to France during the First World War.

Mirra was a multi-faceted personality as she could write, paint, play piano, etc., but her heart yearned for spirituality and spiritual elevation. She practised occultism and went to Algeria and was tutored by eminent persons who practised occultism.

But, when she visited Puducherry and met Aurobindo she at once realised that the spiritual teacher who appeared in her dream was none other then Aurobindo.

Annai felt that Aurobindo was the apt person who could guide and tutor mankind in spiritual sadhaka. Thus, she returned to Puducherry in 1920 to stay with Aurobindo permanently and associated with him to form the world renowned Aurobindo Ashram.

But, to Aurobindo, she was Parasakthi and Mother - Annai. Aurobindo felt that she was Parasakthi incarnate who will redeem mankind of the maladies.

Annai became an epitome of love, grace and benevolence.

The ashram founded by Aurobindo and Annai is different from the rest of the ashrams in the world. Just as the writings of Aurobindo were revolutionary, similarly, his yogic practices were also different and Annai practised it in the ashram to facilitate people to learn and benefit by it.

Those who followed it were called Sadhakas. They resided in the ashram and executed their job meticulously and with precision.



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May 06, 2010
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I got real spiritual experience thru mother
By V.ANAND on 25/06/2014 at 10:26 AM
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