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Sambar vadai at Saravana Bhavan

During one of my visits to Puducherry, I packed lunch from home but was eager to have sambar vadai from Hotel Saravana Bhavan at Maraimalai Adigalar Road in this pulsating town. I left space in my stomach for this delicious tiffin item.

My friends who tasted sambar vadai at Saravana Bhavan were singing paeans to it.

I ordered for a plate of sambar vadai thinking there would be only one vadai but there were two soaked in the tasty, tangy sambar. The oval shaped plate was kept before me with a reservoir of sambar in it. Two pieces were swimming passively in it. Round shaped crunchy vadais straight from oil were dropped into the sambar abruptly so that it becomes soggy, declared the chef when questioned about the secret behind its softness.

It was garnished with coriander leaves and fried cashewnuts.

Finely chopped onion were strewn over it to enhance its taste.

I thought of the caloric content in it and hesitated a while before I embarked on my gastronomic journey. There were two spoons to help me in eating it but I preferred eating with my hand to get a feel of the vadais.

I took a bit and it went sliding into my throat like a smoothie. The sambar tasted exceptional and sweet, probably they have enhanced the taste by adding jaggery to it, I felt. The vadai had the right proportion of salt and karam.

The chef might have chosen the best quality of urad dhal, I presumed.

The spongy sambar vadai tasted heavenly with crispy onions forming a sheet to make it appear and taste awesome. I finished the sambar vadai without a wink and gulped the leftover sambar like a glutton.

Jul 02, 2010
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